Last Beyond You


Working hand in hand with artisans, technology experts and exceptional mills, we ensure to find the optimal balance and produce an item that will last well beyond you.

Should you feel that you no longer wish to hold onto your item, you may return it to us for a 25% credit towards the purchase of a product of the same or similar value. We promote using products for their useful life, and from there we will take the necessary steps to ensure your piece(s) do not rest in a landfill.

Upon receipt of your item we will take the same concepts utilized for our collection and turn it into something new through our refurbishing process.

Some repurposed products will be available under our Second Life section with a 40% discount. By giving a second life to an item, we ensure that it will never end up in a landfill. Refurbished to new condition, they're guaranteed to last beyond you.

Finally, other repurposed pieces will be given to DANS LA RUE, an organization that helps children living on the streets of Montreal with warm food, clothing and shelter.

Guarantee/ Minimum time required before making use of the Last Beyond You Program :

Knits : 1 year
Bags : 2 years
Outerwear : 5 years 

To learn more about the Last Beyond You Program, please email us at