Plants, ocean waste and landfill based materials

Plants, ocean waste and landfill materials

We’re committed to creating products with old materials, once destined for landfill with the aspiration that one day everything new will come from something old.

Choice in materials is always guided by a conscious balance between minimizing environmental impact and what is best in quality and durability. When an old material made anew is not available, we opt for plant based materials that are locally produced.

We meticulously research all materials with circularity in mind. Working hand in hand with artisans, technology experts and exceptional mills, we ensure to find the optimal balance as we continuously evolve our process.

Last Beyond You Program

Guaranteed Beyond You

One day everything new will come from something old.

Working hand in hand with artisans, technology experts, and exceptional mills, we strive to find the optimal balance between design and longevity in order to produce fashion pieces that will last well beyond you.

Should you feel that you no longer wish to hold on to your item, you may return it to us for a 25% credit towards the purchase of a product of the same or similar value. We promote using products for their useful life, and from there we will take the necessary steps to ensure your piece(s) do not rest in a landfill. Upon receipt of your item, we will take the same concepts utilized for our collection and turn it into something new through our refurbishing process.

Repurposed products will be available under our Second Life program with a 40% discount. By giving a second life to an item, we ensure that it will never end up in a landfill. Refurbished to new condition, they're guaranteed to last beyond you.

To learn more about our Last Beyond You Program, please email us at

We're Giving Back

We’re Giving Back

Aligning with our ethos to ‘Create Clean’, BEDI’s collaboration with Plastic Oceans Foundation Canada is one that directly assists and nurtures this nonprofit's mission to inform, inspire, and incite action to solve plastic pollution.

For every purchase, BEDI donates 1% to protect and help clean up Canada’s shorelines. Each t-shirt equates to protecting an average of 62 feet while our outwear has the ability to protect up to 1,175 feet of our lake, river, and ocean shores.

Leave your mark. By joining the BEDI community you are contributing to a circular economy; one that has a positive impact on our planet.