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We share our planet with countless other beings. As humans, we are the sole species on this planet who are compelled to innovate and create, in the hopes that what we produce is felt, not just by those around us, but is everlasting. It is now more important than ever that we recognize the need to balance our need to create with the responsibility to clean up and preserve our planet.

BEDI is a concept borne out of the necessity for balance – to create pieces that are grounded in good design whilst contributing to the circular economy. Our ethos is all-encompassing: from the materials we source, to the overall aesthetic of each individual piece, and finally, to create a solution once an item has reached the end of its present life. The result is a slow collection of outerwear, bags and knits that are utilitarian with an inherent beauty in details; always made in Canada.

This is a continuation of a journey I started over two decades ago- to find an equilibrium in design coupled with positive impact. This path is the culmination of my last 20 years in this industry, where I launched a vegan leather accessories company, based on a university paper for a class I never wanted to take.  That company would develop into what is known as MATT & NAT and become the starting point in my journey exploring the crossroads of fashion and sustainability.

Thank you for joining our community of artists, makers, and game-changers, together, we can redesign our future and fulfill our promise at BEDI:

One day everything new will come from something old.

Inder Bedi
Founder, Detail Nerd