Hold on to a Healthy Planet

Made in Canada from regenerated fish nets, cactus leather and upcycled seat belts, our utilitarian bags are exactly what you’re looking for as you move through your day.

Design Everlasting Together

Handmade in Canada from heavyweight American cotton, softer with every use, you will not find a more comfortable knit.

Wear a Better Tomorrow

Made in Canada to keep you warm up to -30°C, our upcycled coat made from ECONYL® regenerated nylon is guaranteed to last beyond you.

Our Founder Inder Bedi

Pioneering Sustainable Fashion since 1995

Founder Inder Bedi has spent his career working towards sustainable fashion. In 2021 he was named as a Climate Champion by the UN through its COP 26 Initiative.

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Our Certifications

Closing the Loop on Circular Fashion

  • BEDI’s collaboration with Plastic Oceans Foundation Canada (POFC) is one that directly assists and nurtures this nonprofit's mission to inform and inspire action to solve plastic pollution. Each piece we create cleans and protects 62 to 1,175 feet of Canadian shore.

  • Repurposed items. By giving a second life to those pieces, we ensure that they will never end up in a landfill. Refurbished to new condition and guaranteed to last beyond you.