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You may call 457 ANEW sustainable. But it's not that simple. While our design and production process has evolved from years of reflection and research, we continuously experience first hand that to be sustainable is a practice not an adjective. 

Our ambition is to create elevated essentials using that which is old to create that which is anew. Minimalist designs with meticulous attention to detail, designed to last beyond you.

Sustainability is our core aspiration which is why our design process is in constant evaluation and evolution, to meet this aspiration as best we can in this exact moment.

Our pieces are all handmade in Canada with locally sourced landfill destined materials and conscious fabrics, using fair labor practices.

The founder, Inder Bedi, has spent the last two decades working at achieving an optimal balance at the crossroads of fashion and sustainability. 457 represents his path returning to local production in Canada, with a focus on slow fashion. 


We’re committed to creating products with old materials, once destined for landfill with the aspiration that one day everything new will come from something old.

Choice in materials is always guided by a conscious balance between minimizing environmental impact and what is best in quality and durability. When an old material made anew is not available, we opt for natural fibers that are locally produced.

We meticulously research all materials with circularity in mind. Working hand in hand with artisans, technology experts and exceptional mills, we ensure to find the optimal balance as we continuously evolve our process.


Is an innovative luxury Italian nylon made from nylon waste (such as fish nets and carpet fiber) that uses no new resources and is transformed into a regenerated nylon that is infinitely recyclable.


Fiber made from 100% recycled materials, including post-consumer plastic bottles and pre-consumer waste. REPREVE® helps to offset the use of petroleum, emitting fewer greenhouse gases and conserving water and energy in the process. 


Gathered from local scrap yards as well as the Canadian automotive and aviation industries, up-cycled into detailing for jackets, webbing and handles.


Unlike most vegan leathers that are made from plastic (PVC or PU) which contain toxic chemicals, we source vegan leather that is organic, biodegradable and recyclable, soft, yet highly durable made from cactus leaves in Mexico.


Taken out from Air Canada seats set for refurbishment to make backpacks and duffle bags. This leather is in limited quantity as the last batch of leather from Air Canada seats has been retired.


The cotton we source is farmed in the US and meets equitable labor standards.


Our signature buckle is made from Quebec Aluminum and is CNC cut, powder coated and engraved here in Montréal.