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457 ANEW can be defined as a sustainable brand but it's not that simple. While our design and production process has evolved from years of reflection and research, we continuously experience first hand that to be sustainable is a practice not an adjective.

Inspired by photography, modern architecture, alternative music, and everything OG, our path is one that constantly strives for a balance between art and a circular economy.

We design and produce in Montreal, Canada with landfill destined and conscious materials as well as plant based fabrics. Our utilitarian pieces are all handmade with meticulous attention to detail, designed to last beyond you.

Sustainability is our core aspiration which is why our design process is in constant evaluation and evolution, to meet this aspiration as best we can in this exact moment.

Our founder, Inder Bedi, began his journey at the crossroads of fashion and sustainability in 1995 with his founding of MATT & NAT. 457 ANEW represents his path returning to local production in Canada, with a focus on slow fashion.

The name 457 ANEW riffs off the idea of making something old new again, but also on a trio of numbers that have great significance to Inder. He grew up around numerology thanks to his Hindu mother, and was intrigued to discover that when combined, the numbers “defined a spiritual path.”

These numbers were constantly appearing when developing his latest venture, he would later realize the numbers also represent the years that his children were born–2004, 2005, 2007: a big part of his inspiration for a more sustainable future.